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Draft Schedule for Taking on the Doctrine of Discovery

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Draft schedule of “Taking on the Doctrine of Discovery: What Are Our Next Steps?

Skä·noñh—Great Law of Peace Center, 6680 Onondaga Lake Parkway, Liverpool, New York 13088.


Saturday 18 August

Time Description
8:00 AM Coffee, tea and light breakfast
8:30 AM Opening– Thanksgiving Address
9:00 AM Philip P. Arnold and Sandy Bigtree (Mohawk Nation) greeting and orientation to the Center and conference
10:00 AM “Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, Traditional Laws and Values”
Betty Lyons (Onondaga Nation), Eve Reyes-Aguirre (Izkaloteka Mexica Azteca), Angela Mooney D’Arcy (Acjachemen Nation) (Lyons, moderator
11:30 AM Papal Bull burning ceremony led by John Floberg
12:30PM Traditional Haudenosaunee foods Lunch
1:30PM “Strategic Responses to the Impacts of DOD on Urban Indigenous Peoples and Communities of Color” Nita Gonzales (Tarahumara), Roberto Borrero (Taino), Rick Chavolla (Kumeyaay Nation) (Bundy, moderator)
2:30PM Break
2:45PM How people are dealing with the Doctrine of Discovery in their own context or communities. Needed next steps, ideas, etc. Working Groups and breakout sessions led by – Boyet Ongkiko
4:15PM “Next Steps.” Sandy Bigtree (Mohawk Nation), Tupac Enrique-Acosta (Izkaloteka Mexica Azteca), Aucán Huilcamán (Mapuche), Jake Edwards (Onondaga Nation) (Arnold, moderator)
5:30PM Traditional Haudenosaunee foods Banquet
6:30PM Screening and discussion of “Even the Rain”


Sunday 19 August

Time Description
8:00AM Coffee, tea and light breakfast
9:00AM Re-narrating our local stories and histories. Changing the message of the “French Fort” (Arnold, David McCallum)
10:00AM Panel: “United States Indian Law.” Joe Heath, Peter D’Errico and Steve Newcomb (Shawnee, Lenape) (Lyons, moderator)
11:30AM Tree planting ceremony at Center
12:30PM Traditional Haudenosaunee foods Lunch
1:30PM Assessment of the DoD in our midst. Round robin sharing session on next steps.
4:00PM Water Ceremony at Onondaga Lake
(we can ask people to bring the water from their various parts of the world for this event)
4:30PM Closing. Tadodaho Sid Hill (Onondaga Nation, Haudenosaunee Confederacy)