Power of the Good Mind

image credit: Bram Van Oost @ort via unsplash

The Peacemaker united with 49 Chiefs to use the power of their good to transform Tadodaho’s thinking, from that of a seeker of death, to that of a maker of peace. The Peacemaker negotiated an important role for Tadodaho in the newly established Confederacy: he would have the authority to call the Grand Council together, which would meet in his territory at Onondaga and also be responsible to ensure that all of the Chiefs would keep the Good Mind and maintain Skä·noñh.

The Peacemaker and his helpers then combed the snakes from Tadodaho’s hair. They also straightened his body that was twisted in seven places. Using their combined strength the Peacemaker and Hiawatha restored the Tadodaho’s humanity. Once a grotesque mass of evil, the new Tadodaho, now stood erect like a tall tree.  Deer antlers were placed upon his headdress to represent his new status as the defender of the Great Law of Peace.

This decisive moment, when the circle of unity was completed through the transformation of the most evil minds in the land, was many years coming.  The lesson for all of us is that no matter how demented one may have been in the past, the mind has the capacity of being restored.  Once we apply our minds in the way it was intended, we will naturally find ourselves in Skä·noñh – the state of peacefulness and wellness.