Hiawatha Belt

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Recently, Tom Porter, Tadodaho Sid Hill, and Ken Maracle returned the original Hiawatha Belt (Hayenhwátha’), which is over 1,000 years old, to its birthplace at Onondaga Lake located in Central New York.  

We’re Still Here

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By Wendy Gonyea (Onondaga) The Haudenosaunee exist and thrive today in pockets on ancestral land. Our occupation predates ‘American History’ as the general public knows it. Our people lived in the hills, trails, forests of Pennsylvania, New York, Canada and … Read More

Full Circle

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By Dr. Robert Spiegelman Independent Scholar Founder of Thenandnow.us and Sullivanclinton.com Dispossession is a continuum of practices that range from scorched earth campaigns to lawmaking and treaty negotiations. Today, such practices of uprooting Seven Generations peoples have come full circle. … Read More

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