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Doctrine of Christian Discovery Podcast

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We re excited to announce or collaborative limited edition series podcast with Good Faith Media. This podcast was produced at our conference: The Religious Origins of White Supremacy: Johnson v. M’Intosh and the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. This conference was a unique gathering of Indigenous, Black, LatinX, non-Indigenous artists, authors, artists, scholars, and activists from all over the the world. In order to remember this conference and to provide a brief historical record highlighting the range of thinkers and the depth of the impact of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery we helped to put together this limited series podcast. We hope that this podcast will be useful in introductory courses, small groups discussions, and organizing spaces.

Listen to the podcast on Megaphone, Spotify or Apple.



  • Hosts: Mitch and Tanner Randall, Good Faith Media.
  • Executive producers: Mitch Randall, Good Faith Media; Philip P. Arnold and Sandy Bigtree, Indigenous Values Initiative; and Adam DJ Brett, Syracuse University and American Indian Law Alliance.
  • Producer: Cliff Vaughn.
  • Editor: David Pang.
  • Music: Pond5.
  • Production Assistance: American Indian Law Alliance.
  • Sponsors: The Henry Luce Foundation; Syracuse University; Indigenous Values Initiative; American Indian Law Alliance; American Indian Community House; Good Faith Media; Tonatierra; and Toward Our Common Public Life. We appreciate your support.