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Go behind the scenes of Lacrosse and learn about its history and politics

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Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation, is an exciting film which captures the spirit of the Haudensaunee and of Lacrosse.  Here is a snippet of what Inside Lacrosse has to say:

“Each Haudenosaunee community has its own unique struggles, but what bonds us absolutely is lacrosse,” said Lyons. “When talking about our deep connection to this sport it’s important that we convey that message with love and reverence.”

There’s a beautiful segment about the role women play in the game. The joy from this being the first international competition held on indigenous lands jumps off the screen. They document the way in which Oren Lyons, Rick Hill, Tonia Fritchner, and Wes and Kim Patterson founded the Iroquois Nationals. Few sports teams have have done so much for the pride of a people.

A clip which may summarize it all comes from Jeremy Thompson, who speaks over some of the film’s most stunning action shots.

“When I talk about the good mind I talk about good thoughts, giving thanks to The Creator for giving me this game. Sometimes I feel like crying I’m overwhelmed, I’m so happy. If I have to shed a little tear I let it out. That’s what makes me grateful, content. I feel calm until the first whistle. And after that you put your best effort out there. That’s what I do.”

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